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Stone Oak Solutions, LLC
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About Us
Stone Oak Solutions is a Veteran Owned business designed around you getting the most from your employees.  We believe that the majority of companies want success for themselves and their people, they just need some help putting it all together.  Whether it is building your teams, sharing knowledge, work place safety, or training, Stone Oak has the experience and dedication to help you achieve the best and expect the best. 
Chip  has more than 30 years of military experience as a leader, manager, planner, and trainer.  He specializes in: Knowledge Management, Human Capital Strategy, Talent Management, Change Management, Facilitiation, Risk Management & Mitigation, as well as Inspections and Investigations.  Chip's experiences have been in fast paced organizations that often find themselves in volatile situations, and without firm direction or higher level guidance.  To these environments, he brings organization, priorities, focus, efficiencies, and common sense solutions.  Chip has a Master's Degree in Human Resources Development and has built a reputation as a futurist, organizer, and problem solver.  He is often brought in to further corporate strategic initiatives or to turn organizations around from underperforming to outstanding.

Chip Pierce

President and CEO

Jamie has over 14 years of teaching, training, and administration in various government and private sectors.  She brings an expertise in developing and delivering training programs to every type of audience and learning style.  A highly experienced educator, Jamie brings corporate training programs to meaningful experiences so that students fully graps new concepts, procedures, and information.  By using the various learning styles, Jamie is able to to translate organizational training requirements into employee understanding.

Jamie Pierce

Senior Vice President and
Chief, Educational Strategies