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Stone Oak Solutions, LLC
  People |  Processes | Strategies.
Stone Oak delivers real solutions to real problems:
  • Knowledge Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Talent Management
  • Senior, Mid and Lower Level Management Training
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Inspections, Investigations, Compliance
  • Corporate Takeover Strategies
  • Emergency Management Planning and Training
  • Heathcare - Joint Commission Compliance
Knowledge Management​
Human Capital​ Management
Knowledge Management captures and shares your processes, best practices, and lessons learned in order to optimize your organization's performance. Stone Oak Solutions can help you build your knowledge strategy, help you develop into a learning organization, and teach and coach your knowledge managers. Though our knowledge mapping process, you will see where efficiencies can be gained, work flows improved, and information intagrated. These processes will save your organization time and money.
Why leave the most important part of your operation to chance? To go where you're going, you need to know your workforce's capabilities and potentials.  Stone Oak Solutions will assist you in your workforce planning cycles, needs assessments, onboarding, training, utilization, and job progression.  A purposeful human capital strategy will help you merge your corporate strategy with your workforce needs. 
Workforce Planning
Workforce planning matches the people and the job skillsets needed for your company to be successful in your market.  Without a talent management plan, you leave it all to chance.
Recruiting, Onboarding, and Utilization
Matching the right people with the right skill sets and getting them started is important for a great organization to grow.
Talent Management and Succession Planning
Talent Management is about building your team and giving them the best training and positions for your organization's future. Stone Oak Solutions will support you identifing the talent you have, their skills, and build a plan around their growth and future utilization.  
Mid and Lower Level Management Training and Coaching
If you want better results, then you need better training.
When just "checking the block" in training is not good enough anymore,  Stone Oak Solutions will convert your mid and lower level managers into forward thinking producers.     
Inspections, Investigations and Compliance
Know the true status of your regulatory or oganizational compliance.
What leadership thinks is going on, is not necessarily what is really happening in the organization.  Stone Oak Solutions will be your eyes and ears on the ground as well as your honest broker.
Something not seem right?  Maybe it seems too right?
A detailed investigation will satisfy what your intuition is telling you.
Things to watch for....
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Continued Work Stoppages 
  • Employee Complaints
  • Disparet Production Between Sections
  • Inability to Get a Clear Answer
  • Not Meeting Deadlines
  • Continuing to Get Beat by the Competition
Organizational Assessment

Morale impacts your bottom line and is often an indicator of success or failure.

A sudden change in morale?  Not sure what is going on in a department?  Employees complaining?  Managers not leading?  Policies not being followed?  An organizational assessment gives you a 360 degree look at what is going right and what is going wrong. Stone Oak Solutions will aid you in focusing attention on the right adjustments, saving your company time, money, effort, and drama.
Risk Management
Where is your company headed?  What are the risks ahead of you?  Any organization that is going to succeed has to assume some risk.  There is no way to achieve success by avoiding risk, but if risk can be identified, it can be mitigated and managed.   By identifying and managing risk, Stone Oak Solutions will aid you in making better informed decisions.  Decisions that lead to success without surprises.  We will help your team avoid those very costly words, "...if we had only known...!"

Managment Training and Mentorship​

With more than 30 years of experience at every level of leadership and management (from a team of 2 to an organization of more than 3,000), Stone Oak Solutions is well positioned to train and mentor your leaders to meet your needs.  We will provide leaders with skills in communication, leadership, management, ethics, values, analysis, personal development, as well as organizational management in equipping people. 
Corporate Takeover Strategies
Merging with another organization?  A take-over perhaps?  Why not use this as an opportunity for growth, stability, and create a unified competitive front?  Industry to repleate with stories of hostile takeovers that backfire when the newly fired employees use their knowledge and skills to become the competition.  Stone Oak Solutions will assist in "merging" the merger and avoid having the "hostiles" take over.
Emergency Services
We provide concentric training for departments to easily and efficiently  test, revise, and perfect their response plans.
Law Enforcement
We want to help you keep your force safe. Using the Lazer Shot training system, we help law enforcement officers hone their marksmanship skills, their response times, and improve their judgement through simulated training scenarios.  Proven results and no more expensive trips to the range!
Emergency Management Planning and Training
Hospitals, Schools, and Churches
It's not the plan, it's the planning!
We don't provide you with just a quick reaction drill to check the box - instead, we take your leadership team through the entire life cycle (preparation, response, immediate actions, and post-response) of an event.  If you are an organization that is required to train for the worst, we bring the best in planning and testing.  We can help you plan for various scenarios such as active shooter,  evacuation, mass casulaties, and natural disasters.  While you can't prepare for every situation, we can help you be confident that you can respond to every situation!
Let's help you test your plan before you test your people.
With years of experience and training from both military and FEMA, we provide Emergency Management Planning and Training that is proven, cost effective.  We want to help you prepare your staff, other agencies, and your people to be able to respond well to the events no one wants to think about.   
​Joint Commission Compliance
Do you need to be certified by the Joint Commission?
Stone Oak is the Solution!  We will guide you through the process of meeting the Joint Commission's tasks and elements of performance.
​Whether you are a Health Care Staffing Service or a treatmen facility, Stone Oak Solutions is ready to help you with:
  • ​Policies, procedures, and workflows
  • ​Performance Improvement
  • ​Emergency Management Planning
  • ​OSHA compliance
  • Personnel file management
  • S​taff preparation to confidently answer all of the Joint Commission Reviewer's questions
Stone Oak Solutions